Pre Appointment Checklist

Dr Richard Beatty performs dermoscopy using both handheld dermoscopy and a dedicated mole scanner.

Please telephone the clinic to request a skin check with Dr Richard Beatty. A routine skin check by is performed in a single or double appointment. Please book a double appointment under the following circumstances (otherwise a single appointment)

  • Your first skin check appointment where you have more than approximately 50 or more lesions
  • Repeat Skin check where you have approximately 100 or more lesions
  • Your skin check appointment where you have other issues you wish to discuss

The Skin cancer clinic is located inside mayfair medical centre which is 30 minutes from The Brisbane CBD & Parking is on site. Dr Richard Beatty is available Monday to Wednesday 8am to 5pm.

The address is: South East Skin Clinic, Suite 1, Shop 15, Mayfair Village, Burnett Street, Manly West, QLD 4179.

page last modified 11/4/2017