What Creams or Gel are used for Skin Cancer Treatment?

Topical Treatment is often prescribed at the The Skin Cancer Clinic. The attraction of topicals is obvious. They are widely used to treat Solar Keratosis. Some topical treatments are licensed to treat superficial skin cancers.

Topical Skin Cancer Treatment Summary

  • Efudix® is the most widely prescribed – typically for solar keratosis or IEC
  • Imiquimod (Aldara®) is the second most commonly prescribed – most often for sBCC and solar keratosis
  • Picato® gel is still relatively new – usually for solar keratosis
  • Diclofenac gel (Solareze®) has a niche for solar keratosis

I can’t remember which skin cancer cream I used before

Efudix is the most widely used in Australia because Solar Keratosis is so common. For solar keratosis,  Efudix is usually applied to a region of the body twice daily without a break whereas Aldara® is usually applied to for 3 nights per week. They are also used for some types of superficial skin cancer.

Efudix is usually applied twice per day without a break whereas Aldara is used for up to 5 nights per week depending on the indication.

Author: Dr Richard Beatty

Last Modified: 17/7/2015

First published: 18/8/2014