What are the Surgical options for treating Skin Cancer?

The aim of the routine skin check is to pick up lesions early enough so that any surgery is as minor as possible. Surgery is required for all types of melanoma, invasive SCC, and most types of BCC. Superficial BCC & IEC may be treated in non-surgical ways although surgery is generally more effective.

What is cryotherapy used for and how is it used?


It’s a common experience to attend a skin clinic and be offered freezing treatment. It’s relatively quick & easy to do for Solar Keratosis.

Cryotherapy is a branch of surgical treatment. Read all about the different indications for a light freeze over a deep freeze. Why not treat more skin cancers this way?

Different Types of Skin Biopsy

Surgical Methods for Skin Cancer Excision or Biopsy are in this order of speed: shave biopsy, curettage, punch biopsy & formal surgical excision.

Author: Dr Richard Beatty

Last Modified:   11/06/2015

First published: 11/6/2015