Blue Nevus.

A type of harmless mole that is dark in colour and may look like a melanoma.

What is a Blue Nevus

A blue nevus is a type of mole (nevus) where the pigment is deep within the skin (dermis) so that the pigment appears blue or blue-grey.

They are twice as common in females than males, and occur in around 4% of people with Asian skin and 1-2% of people with white skin.

The mole normally appears from later in childhood – but not later than 40 – and remains throughout life.

They are more common on the backs of the hands or feet, the lower back, and the head & neck. Blue nevus may, however, occur anywhere on the body including the face.

What does a Blue Nevus look like?

A blue nevus is usually raised in the shape of a dome & the colour is dark blue to almost black.

Occasionally, a melanoma may look similar to a blue nevus (See photograph).

A dermatoscope examination will likely confirm that the lesion is a blue nevus but on occasion a biopsy is necessary.

A blue nevus should be positively identified every time as a blue nevus and not a melanoma.