The attraction of ‘topicals’ is obvious. They are widely used to treat Sunspots. Some topical treatments are licensed to treat superficial skin cancers.

Topical Treatment Summary

  • Picato® gel is still relatively new – usually for solar keratosis
  • Efudix® is the most widely prescribed – typically for solar keratosis or IEC
  • Diclofenac gel (Solareze®) has a niche for solar keratosis
  • Imiquimod (Aldara®) is the second most commonly prescribed – most often for sBCC and solar keratosis.

I can’t remember which skin cancer cream I used before

This will probably jolt your memory. Efudix is usually applied to an area of sunspots twice daily without a break whereas Aldara® is usually applied for 3 nights per week. Efudix is the most widely used in Australia because sunspots are so common.